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Zuriel Media TV est 2005 - Recording Professionally for 0ver 30years

We offer creative , stylish Bespoke wedding video packages in various styles of coverage to suit you.

Have your precious moments captured onto DVD - Blu Ray Memory Stick or choice of format - stored for years to come.

High quality Video ready for High definition  4k TV. Many times the quality of standard broadcast TV.

Customized  sensitive video coverage  to your own requirements.  Up to 5 camera coverage.

 We use the latest (High Definition up to 4k), camcorders.

We can cover your special day just as you want it to be recorded.

We have our own still photographer too.


We have been in the wedding Industry and professional Videography trade for over 30 years.


We present our Media in luxury Wedding DVD white leather Cases with Our Wedding Day Gold embossed letters, Velvet lined in Blue or Burgundy colour.

We give two extra wedding DVD albums for each parents of both Bride and Groom inclusive in ALL our packages.


We look after you with after care should your precious memory DVD fail we offer a free replacement media replacement for 5 years plus.


Our clients keep returning to us over the family generations.

We record the wedding, then the Christening of their Children, then their 18th party, then their weddings......


We are a family business which takes pride in our customer service and our productions are high quality artistic and creative  with style.


We belong to a professional body and Institution of Video recorders and have ongoing  levels of improvement in equipping and creativity to the highest standards.


Why not call us for a free no obligation appointment and consultation for your special Wedding Day recording.


It really does pay to choose professional services such as Zuriel Media TV. Don't be fooled by cheap pricing you really do get what you pay for. Why not cover your life investment memories of your special day and pay for a high standard of video to be proud of watching over and over again,  re-living the special moments of your special day for life.


Prices start from £1200.00

Contact us on 0121 454 4052  Mob - 07926519520

We will send you a  Free Show reel.

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Zuriel Media TV  0121 454 4052 mob- 07926519520



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